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Whether you are exhibiting works of art, antiques or simply everyday objects, it is possible to insure your goods during their round trip transportation as well as for the duration of an exhibition.

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Conditions for the insurance of works of art

An insurance guarantee from the departure of the goods until its return to its owner.
This guarantee works with the packer, the forwarder and the transporter.
Special conditions, a precise list must be established : the place of the exhibition, the duration, the identifier of the insured and the carrier, the value of the goods as well as their quantity.

Insurance of works of art during transport and exhibitions

Works of art are invaluable, as they enrich our minds as well as our interiors or our museums. However, they are bought, sold and in fact have a market value, which can sometimes reach several million euros.

In this perspective, the care to be taken for these works of art, whether modern art or old, contemporary art or new visual arts is therefore essential.

When transporting a photograph and during its exhibition for example, it is essential to have access to art work insurance and exhibition which may cover, claims or damage to said work, reimbursement of costs incurred.

The protection of works during transport and exhibition, a principle at the foundation of heritage

Whether it's collector's paintings, a reproduction of a photograph or works of contemporary art , the exhibition in a museum is today a real investment. art market , it is difficult to access a work without going through an exhibition, a gallery owner or a collector . If the production by a painter or the reproduction of a sculpture by a famous artist is important, their conservation is also an issue in order to protect, safeguard and enhance our heritage common.

Exhibiting a work of art is a real risk

From customs to the art gallery via the opening, a work of art incurs significant risks whether during its exhibition or during its transport to be exhibited. Water damage, accidental deterioration of the work or any other damage are risks to be highlighted and therefore taken into account in order to protect yourself optimally.

Choose a specific work of art insurance and obtain compensation

Requesting an insurance quote from Advalo is the easiest way to get the best price for compensation in the event of a loss or customs problem.
By studying in detail your file and the works of art that you wish to protect, we will be able to inform you on the good transport insurance to subscribe to best protect your paintings or your favorite sculpture.
Making an online quote is an economical solution, while asking for the expertise of an insurance broker is useful for quickly obtaining a certificate and knowing the terms of a insurance specific to the cultural field . By making an online quote, art experts or an insurance broker will be able to produce a file perfectly suited to your problem.

Why is the conservation of a masterpiece an exceptional issue?

The primary job of gallery owner is to exhibit and showcase the work and works of artists within its premises. But to do this, it must go through different stages, upstream and downstream.

When transporting a work of art or during its exhibition during an opening or any other cultural event, the exhibitor or the gallery owner, retains its obligations regarding the protection of the work. The latter is therefore required to draw up a artwork insurance quote to cover damage in the event of accidents on the artwork. He can thus obtain a formal certificate covering possible damage. Insuring the works of art is essential for both the exhibitor and the community. Indeed, the works constitute a common foundation which is important to protect for society as a whole.

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